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Documents Confirm Dauda Lawal’s Plans to Mop Up Zamfara’s Resources

Documents Confirm Dauda Lawal’s Plans To Mop Up Zamfara’s Rsources

According to the Zamfara State Budget Performance Report, the incumbent Governor is seen to have spent over N400 million on local and foreign trips in three months with little to no benefit to the State. Also the Governor has spent, within this same period, the sum of N150 million on welfare.

Since Mr Lawal came into office, he has traveled to the United States for the UNGA, a United Nations Development Programme Retreat in Kigali and to attend a meeting with the President of the AfDB in Cote d’Ivoire. It is reported that these trips have gulped a total of N400 million within three months.

Documents published by investigators also revealed that the embattled Zamfara State governor gave gifts totalling N67 million to traditional rulers while making ridiculous donations to the tune of N154 million within three months of being in office.

Commentators have accused the Governor who is facing a rerun of attempting to mop up cash from the State’s treasury in other to meet up with his claim of having $5 billion in a First Bank Savings Account.

Residents within the state have also accused the Governor of not bringing any value to the state despite these huge expenditures.

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