Personality Of The Week: Paul Ezeudoh

Paul Ezeudoh, widely recognized by his digital signature ‘Auracool’, is a distinguished figure in the digital marketing space and a trailblazer in influencer marketing within Nigeria. His moniker ‘Auracool’ is a phonetic play on the word ‘oracle’, symbolizing his role as a source of knowledge and consultation, mirroring his impact on social media.

Paul is academically accomplished, holding two engineering degrees—an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from the Federal University of Owerri and a Master’s degree in Oil and Gas Engineering from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.

Paul’s journey into digital marketing began in 2008 upon his return to Nigeria from the UK. His unique style quickly garnered the attention of Nigerian celebrities, which significantly boosted his online presence. This visibility led to collaborations with corporate organizations for promotional activities.

Paul’s expertise extends across various facets of digital marketing, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising, Web Analytics, Content Marketing, Blogging, and Reputation Management. His portfolio boasts over 150 successful social media campaigns.
He holds Google Adwords and Analytics Certifications, Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification, and three Social Media Certifications from the United States.

As the founder of Auracool Media Limited, Paul Ezeudoh has established himself not only as an award-winning influencer but also as a savvy realtor, leveraging his digital acumen to excel in the real estate industry.  Paul’s unique ability to deconstruct and uncover actionable insights, target tailored audiences using social media, and utilize data in building digital marketing strategies positions him as an invaluable partner for achieving business goals online.

Paul Ezeudoh’s profile is a testament to his dedication and skill in navigating the digital landscape, making him a prominent and respected figure in the industry.

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