NASENI, Led by Halilu, Aims for National Tech Brand; Federal & State Agencies Urged to Patronize – Tinubu



  1. It is my pleasure to be here with you today to commission this multipurpose CNG reverse engineering, training, filling, and conversion center, here in the heart of the Federal Capital Territory. 
  2. When I assumed office as President a year ago, I highlighted the mission of our administration to “promote domestic manufacturing and lessen import dependency.” I made this vow fully aware of the boundless potential that our country has to become a continental and global industrial and manufacturing giant. 
  3. We have the talent, we have the know-how, and we have the market. Today our country is home to the largest single-train crude oil refinery in the world— and this is just the beginning; a small glimpse of what is possible if we are determined. And we are determined!
  4. For me, the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) is a central player in the achievement of that grand vision of Nigerian industrialization. That is why it was one of the first agencies of the Federal Government where we put in place a new management team, last year. I appointed Khalil Halilu – the young man with the beard, as I call him – as the Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Office, to spearhead our reform agenda for the agency. I must say I am pleased with the results so far. 
  5. I am convinced that if we get it right with NASENI, we will get Nigeria’s industrialization right. This is the Federal agency that has the mandate and the positioning to drive the science, engineering, and industrial efforts of the Federal Government of Nigeria. 
  6. I am therefore delighted to be here, not just as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, but also as the Chairman of the Governing Board of NASENI, to witness the coming to fruition of this landmark project, that is very much in line with the Renewed Hope Agenda of our administration.

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, 

  1. I am aware that NASENI, under Halilu’s leadership, has made it a priority to move from research and development of prototypes, into delivering commercially available products that will serve consumers in their homes, offices, industries and farms. 
  2. NASENI intends to be a leading national brand, for high-quality and affordable technology products. It has therefore become imperative for all Federal Government agencies to fully support NASENI by patronizing its products.
  3. What we are seeing here is the fulfilment of the vision of the founding fathers of NASENI – to create an institution that is relevant and useful to the everyday lives of people, and to the Nigerian economy. 
  4. It is also gratifying that NASENI is also prioritizing collaboration, not competition, with the private sector. Indeed, the role of Government is to enable and synergize with the private sector, not compete with it. This is why NASENI’s collaborative approach is very welcome, and is a model that all Federal Government agencies are encouraged to emulate. 

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, 

  1. Our administration’s Presidential Initiative on Compressed Natural Gas Initiative (PiCNG) is a flagship program by which we are actively supporting a private-sector-led rollout of critical gas infrastructure to drive innovation and industrialization in Nigeria. 
  2.  It is also a major contribution to our vision of fully harnessing Nigeria’s immense gas resources, as a transition fuel on the journey to net-zero, as envisaged by our Energy Transition Plan (ETP). 
  3. Let me say that we are equally focused on the full range of energy options for powering Nigerian transport sector. So, in addition to gas, electric vehicles are a major plank of our overall strategy. Again, I am aware that NASENI is championing efforts in this area, with an ambitious plan to develop and build lithium batteries in Nigeria, working with foreign partners.
  4. We can and will make Nigeria an African hub of the global Electric Vehicle revolution. Fortunately for us, Nigeria is blessed with abundant deposits of lithium, a key mineral in the development of Electric Vehicle batteries. 
  5. We have put in a lot of work on the way to the full implementation of the PiCNG, and this commissioning today is testament to the success of our efforts. NASENI’s contribution to the development of technical and human capacity for converting engines to CNG demonstrates that we are a government that not only points out where we are headed, but also strives to lead by example.
  6. As Chair of the Governing Board of NASENI, I will continue to provide the oversight and overall leadership for the attainment of NASENI’s Strategic Launchpad aspirations. We will transform this agency into a model of public sector excellence, and of public-private partnership. 
  7. On this note, I will now proceed to commission this new NASENI CNG reverse engineering, training, filling, and conversion center.
  8. God bless NASENI, and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria


Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR

President, Federal Republic of Nigeria

May 2024

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