Personality Of The Week: Sulaiman Adebayo, a.k.a Pooja Media

Sulaiman Adebayo is a multifaceted digital creator known for his dynamic presence both behind the camera and on the global stage of sports journalism. As an accredited journalist for FIFA and CAF, he captures the pulse of football through his lens, bringing the vibrant world of sports to life. His work with Imago further solidifies his reputation as a photojournalist of distinction.

On YouTube, Sulaiman extends his digital footprint, sharing content that resonates with a diverse audience. His channel serves as a platform for storytelling, where narratives of sportsmanship and human interest converge. His contributions to Naija News as a contributor and features in Ojodutimes highlight his versatility and commitment to quality content.

Sulaiman’s digital creations are not just images or videos; they are dialogues with the audience, fostering conversations that transcend the boundaries of traditional media. His endorsements from various brands attest to his influence and ability to engage viewers in meaningful ways.

In a world where digital media is constantly evolving, Sulaiman Adebayo stands out as a creator who not only adapts but also innovates, inspiring others to follow in his footsteps.


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Instagram: pooja_iam

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