Afam Osigwe SAN Cleared to Run for NBA President by Electoral Committee

Afam Asigwe is a dedicated and seasoned legal professional who is vying for the esteemed position of President of the Nigerian Bar Association. With a proven track record of upholding justice, advocating for legal reform, and championing the rights of all citizens, Afam Asigwe stands as a steadfast candidate ready to lead the NBA to new heights.

Having been cleared by the electoral committee of the NBA, Asigwe brings with him a wealth of experience and a vision for a more inclusive and equitable legal system. Through his years of practice, he has demonstrated unwavering integrity, a commitment to fairness, and a passion for upholding the rule of law.

As a candidate for President of the NBA, Afam Asigwe pledges to prioritize the needs of all members, enhance professional development opportunities, and work towards a more transparent and accountable legal fraternity.

With your support and vote, Afam Asigwe will strive to ensure that the Nigerian Bar Association remains a beacon of justice and excellence for all. Vote for Afam Asigwe – a leader you can trust, a voice for all.

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