The underarm is a very sensitive and delicate part of the body, thus susceptible to numerous kinds of skin damage such as ingrown hair, skin infection, boils, pigmentation and so on. This area of the skin can experience so many break outs thereby resulting to darkened skin and other infections. Nevertheless, we propose you follow some of our easy home remedies to boost your confidence and brighten up.


1) Tumeric Powder:

A teaspoon of tumeric powder, milk and honey of same proportion can deal with your underarm crisis. Tumeric is a natural agile ingredient in various herbal skin product with effective skin lightening properties.


2) Lemon Juice: 

Lemon is a defoilant natural etiolate agent which contain high amount of citric acid. Take one large lemon cut in two halves and rub on your underarm wash after 10mins. It’s works wonders for brightening  dark areas of the skin.


3) Potato: 

Potatoes are part of our daily living and surprisingly the cheapest method of acquiring beautiful underarms. Grate and extract the potato juice. Apply on your underarm and wash after 15 minutes, this can be done more than once a day. It reduces patchiness and itching too.


4) Cucumbers:

Just the same way it gets ride of dark circles and eye bags, it can also brighten your underarm and can be used on daily basis thus improving your skin colour and lighten up dark edges. Not too much trouble just rub in.


5) Toothpaste:

Why worry when the same ingredients that whitens your teeth can help eradicate pigments from your armpit. Making use of your normal toothpaste makes it better  but it must contain baking soda and lesser amount of flouride .

Staying beautiful is everything woman’s pride. Be consistent with this remedies and watch your confidence run back to you. Cheers!!!.

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