Actor Ikechukwu Finally Reveals His Fiancée

Nigerian singer, rapper, and actor Ikechukwu Onunaku, known professionally as Ikechukwu, has officially made his relationship public.

Onunaku was born in Manassas Virginia to Nigerian parents but was raised in Lagos, Nigeria.

He later moved to the United States after completing high school at King’s College, Lagos.

Penning a long note about his love life on his timeline, he stated that he kept everything private because of the entertainment industry he’s in.

The Nollywood actor has said, he is ready for the next level with his sweetheart, since she’s a symbol of everything to him.

He shared a photo with his lover, whom he did not identify and wrote:

Sometimes we want something so bad we keep it under wraps and quiet as possible cos of our industry or people and they way things get destroyed while out of ur control. But you get to a point u don’t want to focus so hard on protecting cos of the confidence you have in it. That feeling turns to a want of celebration.
I’ve kept it as lowkey as possible for fear of what the world could possibly do to scatter us. But i aint afraid no more.
She holds me down.
She makes me smile.
She tickles and inspires my brain.
She pisses me off.
She never likes me pissed off. Vice versa.
Make up is always the option.
Shes everything. And i pray she remains that.
Next level . Help me pray for next level cos we no hide again.

He’s part of the cast of the new movie ‘Oloture,’ set to drop on Netflix this October.

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