Actress Yvonne Jegede Slams Lagos Lawmaker For Hoarding COVID-19 Palliatives

Apart from the news of the ongoing protest, the killings, curfews, and the lives that have been lost during the shootings from the security agents, another news flying on social media are the warehouses looted by some Nigerians of Covid-19 palliatives.

Most Nigerians have labelled politicians and high top officials as greedy and selfish after they discovered that some foodstuffs that were meant to be shared amongst the citizens during the Covid-19 pandemic were stored in a warehouse.

Popular Nigerian actress Yvonne Jegede took to her Twitter page to alleged that one of the officials planned to distribute the covid palliatives during his birthday as a birthday present to the people.

“I heard one oga said he was waiting for his birthday to share COVID19 PALLIATIVES. Bro, if big boy dey hungry you, comot money from ya pocket buy souvenirs for people. Are you going to invite those hungry masses to your birthday party? Oga shut up#EndSars

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