“The fashion statement in glamor world changes with the season. Accordingly, the teenagers also change their wardrobe. Mostly teenagers give priority to the fashion and style of the day. Even if they are unaware of the world affairs, they will remain aware of the latest fashion. Earlier, people of elite class and business tycoons mostly used to follow the recent trends. But despite the status of the people everyone follows and maintains the present fashion”.
According to Erik Erikson, a developmental theorist, finding the personal identity is at the peak of the adulthood. Teens struggle to find their identities because they preoccupy their minds with acceptance from others. Ultimately, fashion pressures come from the influence of friends, parents, and magazines. reported that 37 percent of teen magazine articles fixates on the topic of appearance as the research shows.

They play a major role to influence your fashion tricks, you should consider yourself too. Here’s how to ease the fashion stress and start believing in yourself.

#Fashion Trends Don’t Last Forever.
What is in this season may not cool the next time. Fashion trends come and go. Trends always evolves.

# Trends Aren’t for Everyone.
If you push yourself to wear something because you just want to cope up with what’s the latest, you will suffer

#Consider Your Budget.
If you feel stressed for not buying a particular wardrobe, don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. Not everyone can afford the clothes that they want. So, if you feel that way, stop and look at the brighter side. You can always revisit your wardrobe and see what you can reinvent. Make your creativity work for you.
🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ Definitely be the best in your own fashion world…cheers!!!

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