Celebrities, #EndSARS Protesters Slam Sanwo-Olu For Declaring 24-Hr Curfew In Lagos

Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu has come under fire for declaring a 24-hour curfew across the State from 4pm amid the ongoing #EndSARS protests.

Sanwo-Olu who made the announcement about an hour ago, said the curfew became necessary as hoodlums had hijacked the protests and were unleashing mayhem on innocent residents and destroying public properties.

On Tuesday morning, a police station was razed by fire by hoodlums, who allegedly invaded the station and also carted away arms and ammunitions.

There had also been bloody clashes between suspected thugs and the protesters since the public demonstration started.

But some celebrities berated the governor for the move, accusing him of attempting to silence the protesters.

Seun Kuti, son of late Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti knocked the governor for insinuating that the protests had degenerated, alleging that the thugs disrupting the protests were hired by government officials.

“I have watched with shock how what began as a peaceful #EndSARS protest has degenerated into a monster that is threatening the well-being of our society” OGA SANWO OLU U B LIAR, U CANT STOP D YOUTHS, NA UNA FOR GOVT DEY SEND THUGS COME. SORO SOKE WEREY”

Musician, Dr. Sid said rather than declare curfew, security operatives should have been sent to fish out the hoodlums disrupting the protests, warning that the curfew might spark even more violence.

“Your Excellency, may I suggest that instead of imposing a curfew and coming across as someone who is trying to silence the voice of the people can you deploy security operatives to protect the people exercising their right as citizens of this great nation and root out these hoodlums turning protests violent. Trust me they will have the support of the people. We will identify and the wolves in sheep’s clothing. This curfew you are imposing may potentially lead to more violence. From all your communications I believe you stand with the people, now is the time to show it with your actions sir,” Dr. Sid said.

Ex-Big Brother Naija star, Alex berated the announcement, saying that aside the notice being short, security operatives might take advantage to extort motorists and residents trying to beat the time.

“Are we a joke to you sir? Is this the best way possible? You already know workers will be stuck on the way by that time. You know this will give the violent police force room to make us look more violent. You know they’ll extort us. Is this how you support our fight for better governance?
“If only our roads were built by the government, we would be home by that time. If only our government was with us, we would feel this is from a place of love. This is a terrible move to silence citizens of a democratic country. This is not a military regime,” Alex tweeted.

Some #EndSARS protesters also dared the governor, saying that they will defy the curfew and come out to continue their demonstration.

@Joseph wrote, “There might be mayhem, but the protest continues. Nothing will hinder this struggle. No matter what happens, we move until we arrive at our desired end.”

@Alade24500 wrote, “Can someone tell this man use of force will aggravate the youths more. How many people can he shoot? I’ll love to remind him this is how Arab spring started.”

@Blow said, “Oga governor be careful what you wish for because you may as well have it. How many policemen do you think can overpower the number of youths in Lagos? It’s going to be blood for blood, power for power. You’ll be surprised some civilians have armoury and more sophisticated arms than those rusted AK47s your police have. Let the war begin.”

@Canbi wrote, “24 hrs curfew! Are they not stupid, hurting the already bad economy trying to recover from the Covid lockdown.”

@Sunkanmi said, “Mr Governor don’t say we didn’t warn you. Your security apparatus can’t overwhelm us. Lagos no be Abuja.”

But some Lagosians backed the move by the governor to declare a curfew, insisting that hoodlums had indeed hijacked the protests.

@Robo banderers wrote, “This politician want to shut us up, una no go succeed, useless politicians, Bye”

@Micheal Temple said, “I knew it will get to this. Since the protesters will not leave the roads, lets use hoodlums to cause chaos to incriminate them, then send them off by force. Useless and senseless Nigerian government. That’s how gullible they are.”

@Chinwe wrote, “Better. This is no longer a peaceful #endsars protest. Thugs have taken over the protest. Lives are at stake now. So a curfew will calm nerves down. And the unfortunate thing is these hoodlums causing mayhem will not be seen once the army comes out to the street. It will be innocent citizens that will be caught up in it. God deliver us all. But at least we have seen we can shelve our differences..religion, tribe, class and come together to fight a common cause…for that alone, we have been very successful. Weldone Nigerians”

Ogungbaibi Omowunmi wrote, “This is needed at this crucial period Your Excellency, to curb the brewing menace…. we pray for peace in the country at large as God increases you in wisdom”.

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