Court Orders Senator Elisha Abbo To Pay N50m To Woman He Slapped In Sex Toy Shop

A Federal High Court in Abuja today ordered Senator Elisha Abbo to pay N50m to the woman he slapped in a toy shop in March 2019 in Abuja.

Justice Bature of the court in Apo, made the order today, in the civil suit filed against the Adamawa senator.

In July, the criminal case against the Senator was struck out by a magistrates’ court for lack of diligent prosecution.

But in the civil suit, the court ordered Abbo to pay Osimibibra Warmate, his victim the N50m,
according to lawyers involved in the case.

One of them, Lugard Tare-Otu, wrote on twitter:

Another lawyer who was also imnvolved, Nelly Macaroni, also wrote:

“Remember that video of a Nigerian Senator slapping/assaulting a young lady at a shop? Well justice was served today with the Court slamming the sum of N50M against the Senator. I am delighted to have represented that young lady in this suit. We say no more to oppression!”

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