COVID-19: 43 American States Kick Against Reopening Of Schools – Report

A report has revealed that 43 out of 50 States in US are against re-opening of schools as the deadly Coronavirus rages on in America.

The report carried out by indicated that only seven states supported re-opening of schools.

The states are: Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada and Tennessee. is among the most trusted medical marijuana resources online today since it was founded in 2014.

The report stated that 27.63% Americans supported back-to-school while 38.41% of Americans were against back-to-school.

According to American Marijuana, it recently crawled more than 1.2 million tweets to find out how Americans reacted to re-opening schools and came out with the findings.

Dwight K. Blake, Founder and Editor in Chief,, said whether schools should be reopened after the COVID-19 lockdown had proved to be a contentious issue.

“These divisions are mostly informed by the fact that the transmission patterns of COVID-19 aren’t well understood. As is the case with most public discourse issues today, social media is an excellent place to determine what people are thinking. We scoured through twitter to see what the general sentiment was on this matter,” he said.

According to the report, among the states against going back to school, Maryland has the highest rate (41.29%).

The report identified top 5 states that were most relaxed about back-to-school to include Nevada (36.29%), Missouri (35.46%), Delaware (34.96%), Kansa (34.91%) and Tennessee (34.26%).

It said top 5 states that were most stressed about back-to-school were: New Jersey (34.50%) Maryland (33.33%), Indiana (32.30%), Georgia (31.79%) and Maine (31.39%).

The report identified top 3 factors that caused stress to include COVID-19 (43.16%), Face masks (38.46%) and Donald Trump (56.59%).

The report added that 23 out of 50 states were stressed about reopening schools while 27.72% of Americans were relaxed about back-to-school and 31.30% of Americans feeling stressful about back-to-school.

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