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Economic Challenges Impacting Quality Of Life Globally – Kumuyi

The world is witnessing increasing economic, social and ecological upheavals which are having a negative impact on the quality of life.

This is despite the scientific and technological breakthroughs being witnessed globally.

The General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church, William Kumuyi, who lamented the development, spoke in Lagos during the formal launch of Global Crusade with Kumuyi brand and the launch of two books.

“We live in a crisis-ridden world. In the midst of scientific breakthroughs and technological advancements, we are witnessing increasing economic, social, cultural and ecological upheaval all of which impact negatively on the quality of life globally,” he said.

The Deeper Life leader also said the GCK recorded a virtual audience of over 30 million people globally between June 2021 and June 2022.

He also said that within the period under review, the programme recorded a monthly average physical audience of between 40, 000 and 150, 000.

According to Kumuyi, who is also the Convener of the event, the GCK during the past year reached over 150 countries.

He said, “Based on statistics and analysis of our media streams, the GCK over the past year, has reached more than 150 countries with a monthly average physical audience of between 40,000 to 150,000 and virtual audience of over 30,000,000 people globally”

GCK is a global crusade committed to reaching all nations and all men for Jesus intended to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world.

Speaking further, Kumuyi lamented that people across the world were grappling with deep-seated emotional problems.

He said, “People across the world are grappling with deep-seated emotional problems. Dependence on psychotropic drugs is on the rise. The suicide rate has spiked. It all has to do with the fallen nature of man”

“We have documented over 200,000 people across the world who have been saved and transformed during these crusades. More than 30 million people have been impacted globally in the last year through the GCK”

He restated that GCK was committed to bringing solace to the world already gripped with seemingly irresolvable crises.

“It is this same mandate and mission that now drives me and has led to the birth of the GCK, proclaiming the gospel, and bringing reprieves and solace to a world gripped with mounting and seemingly irresolvable crises”

He said, “While we appreciate and celebrate the strides that we have made guided by the skillful hands of human ability, we all yearn for something more. This was the mission and mandate of the Lord Jesus Christ to the world two thousand years ago. What began as a mustard seed about a year ago with deepening roots, has spread far and wide and blossomed as we stand in awe of the mercy and might of God”

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