#EndSARS: NCFront Declare Seven Days National Mourning for Victims of State Massacre

Leaders of Conscience under the aegies of the National Consultative Front, NCFront has called on the present ruling political leadership and government in Nigeria to apologize to Nigerians and immediately relinquish and bow out of power for unleashing raw brute force to maim and kill defenceless Citizens and Youths protesting State brutality and bad governance in Nigeria or have more Nigerians mobilised to make the country unbearable for them henceforth.

The NCFront in a statement signed by Olawale Okunniyi, Head of NCFront National Secretariat, also called on all well meaning Nigerians nationwide to join its teeming members across the country to observe seven days of National Mourning, commencing from Thursday, 22nd October, 2020 to honour and mourn all those brutalised, maimed and murdered by State agents and their hired hoodlums and thugs during the EndSars Protest by adorning black bands and praying for the repose of the soul of lost protesters at 5pm daily.

The NCFront statement reads in part: It has now become quite compelling at this crucial point for us as Nigerians of Conscience to demand the immediate stepping down of the entire government and political leadership in Nigeria for the unprovoked terror and crimes committed against Nigerian citizens and constitution, which they swore to serve and defend, thereby losing the confidence of Nigerian citizens to continue to govern the country. To this end, we wish to support the popular demand for the immediate constitution of a provisional people’s council of the Nigerian Citizens by the Leaders of Conscience and the EndSars Movement to restore the confidence of the Nigerian peoples in their country and government.

We however wish to strongly appeal to the hurting Youths of the EndSars Struggle, who have lost quite a number of loved ones and comrades to remain peaceful and focused, not to be provoked into a violent frenzy of destruction of public and private properties as those belong to either all Nigerians or private citizens and not government officials. We as responsible Nigerians, will not hesitate to condemn all act of watton destruction of properties by any protesters.

For the avoidance of doubt, the EndSars Struggle is designed and expected to be peaceful and focused on reforming Nigeria through the immediate convocation of an all inclusive Citizens’ Sovereign Assembly to reset Nigeria once and for all.

In the light of the above, we call on all Nigerian Youths and Citizens to reject the cosmetic initiatives of the government to manipulative the EndSars Movement with National Investigative Judicial Panel and State Judicial Panels, which are far from the really panacea to the serious demands made by the #EndSars Movement to End Bad Governance, End Corrupt System, End Bad Constitution, End Corrupt Political System, End Corrupt Politicians, End in Nigeria

Finally, we again call on all Nigerians of Conscience to rise to intervene the unpredictable situation in Nigeria as the NCFront will in the succeeding days be holding an inclusive meeting of all Leaders of Conscience to review and take a firm position on the EndSars Struggle and the way forward, especially the call for a Provisional People’s Council of the EndSars Movement to lead the country

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