#EndSARS: Oxlade’s Manager, Oja Bee Sustains Brain Injury After Police Brutality

Nigerian singer, Oxlade has dragged the Nigerian police for causing severe injury to the brain of his manager, Ojah Bee during their #EndSARS protest in Surulere, Lagos on social media.

It would be recalled that Oja Bee was seen in a viral video being brutalized by SARS operatives and locked up at anti-kidnapping unit in Lyun road on the October 12, 2020 after the SARS operatives accused him of allegedly killing one of their officers.

Oxlade took to his Twitter page and shared a CT Scan report claiming that Ojabee has a swelling in his brain which has made it impossible to control his fingers.

“my brother has a swelling in his brain and he can’t control his fingers, thanks to the Nigerian Police. Thank you Nigerian government for failing the youth. I am lost for words right now, but please keep my brother In your prayers.

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