Kanu’s Legal Team Set For Full Blown Defence On Terrorism Charges’

desired and best result, which he classified as top-notch.

“We wish to reiterate that confining Onyendu in a solitary space is no doubt, a grave infraction of his rights, and an established act of torture clearly spelt out under our laws, and which violation is no doubt aimed at breaking his spirit.

“Nonetheless, Onyendu remains very strong in his conviction as he has defied every strategy adopted by the state to break him. He is resolute and uncompromisingly firm. Self- determination is a right recognised under our laws and other international laws and instruments.

“Onyendu was particularly enthused after he was fully briefed on the news of the release of Mama Biafra. He could not hold his excitement on hearing the long awaited news.

“He thanked me in particular, and my legal team for our outstanding professionalism that has always guided our strategy towards rescuing UmuChineke detained in various facilities of the Nigerian security agencies. “Our new methodology which will always remain discreet is a compelling one and result oriented, and Onyendu encouraged us to keep up the good work.

“Now that Mama Biafra has been released pursuant to an application for the enforcement of her fundamental rights I had earlier filed on her behalf, we shall continue with the suit to ensure that she is adequately compensated for the period of time she was unlawfully detained in solitary confinement.

“We wish to assure Umuchineke that we are not leaving any stone unturned towards ensuring that all those still languishing in custody are released.

“Idara Gold and others are in our top priority, as our team are aggressively pursuing their release. Please be assured that it shall all end in praise, UmuChineke.

“Onyendu extended his sincere regards and love to you all, UmuChineke, while soliciting for your continued unrelenting prayers and support”.

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