Kayanmata Seller Unveils New Protection To Secure Wealthy Men Like Obi Cubana

Nigerian Aphrodisiac seller Jaruma, has hinted that she now has a product for desperate ladies who want wealthy men like Obi Cubana as sugar daddies.

Few days ago the kayanmata Seller shared on social media that Obi Cubana and several men of his Calibre have spiritual protection which makes it difficult for her products to work on them.

At the time she advised young ladies who wanted the billionaire business man as their sugar daddy to break his spiritual protection.

To the delights of her clients, the kayanmata Seller has discovered the product also claiming it can break the spiritual protection of any man, making it easier to penetrate him.

An inquisitive follower proceeded to ask if it can be used on Obi Cubana which the kayanmata Seller answered in the affirmative.

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