Lagos State Government To Begin Poverty head count survey On Monday

Towards reducing prevalent poverty in Lagos, the state government has announced that a poverty headcount survey would kickstart on Monday.

The survey which would be carried out by the Lagos Bureau of Statistics (LBS) under the Ministry of Economics planning and Budget (MEPB) is necessary to get the data for the state government to achieve reducing poverty.

Contained in a statement signed by the Permanent Secretary MEPB, Mrs Abiola Adetutu Liadi, the poverty headcount survey would hold in all wards of the 57 Local Governments in Lagos. Data generated from the survey would then be used to determine how much poverty prevails in Lagos and the characteristic.

The statement explains it would help the government quantify and allocate resources devoted to reducing poverty and also access if investment to assist the poor eventually works.

The data gotten also would be used for other studies.

They further urged Lagosians that all hands be on deck and they fully support the programme through active participation and sincere response to questions that have to do with the growth and economic development of the state.

The exercise would last for 25 days with enumerators visiting every household to administer questionnaires to get data for the survey. Lagos State government emphasized at the end of the statement that the result of the survey would not be used for tax purposes.

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