Lekki Masaccre: Anthony Joshua Decries Shooting Of #EndSARS Protesters, Offers Support For Victims

Nigerian-British world heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua is angry and horrified about the shooting of unarmed protesters in Lagos.

He was briefed by Femi-Anikulapo Kuti, who tweeted their conversation.

“Just got off the phone , I spoke to @anthonyfjoshua and explained everything going on in Nigeria right now .He didn’t fully understand the gravity of what was going on. He is in TOTAL support of #EndSARS #EndBadGoveranceInNigeria #endpolicebrutality”.

Joshua later got on Twitter with a video message to Nigerians and told those at the barricades to ‘keep on pushing’.

In tweets, he hoped for a change and that a middle ground could be found to resolve the escalated #EndSARS protest.

“The situation has escalated, the violence and killings are horrendous. All because of people saying they want to live in peace?

“I pray God opens the gates for the heroes of Nigeria! This was never a trend for me! It’s real life and I want to learn how to make lasting change.”

Joshua added that he was ready to help the injured and other victims of the protest.

“I’m looking at hospitals to support, along with food and care packages in the time being”, he tweeted.

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