Many Injured As Thugs Disrupt #EndInsecurity Protests In Kano,

The End Insecurity Now protest is regrouping in Kano after suspected thugs attacked protesters on the streets, injuring many and destroying protest banners.

Thugs disrupted the protest meant to begin Thursday morning across the 19 northern states.

“We were marching peacefully when thugs and hoodlums invaded the protest, injuring up to 30 people, tearing our banners,” a protester Dr Mohammed Ibrahim told Daily Trust in Kano.

The movement had issued public notice of its protest to begin Thursday and informed police for protection.

Protesters said police abandoned them at the start of the attack.

“The police was supposed to be guarding us, because we had told them exactly the roads we would be following,” a protester said.

They say police reappeared after the attack, and protesters are regrouping to resume.

The End Insecurity Now protest has also been on in Kaduna, protesting banditry, kidnapping, rapes, Boko Haram insurgency and killings in the region.

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