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Queen Elizabeth II: Piers Morgan, Uju Anya Trade Words

United States-based Nigerian professor, Uju Anya and the English journalist, Piers Morgan have been trading words over the former’s hostile comments on the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Uju, via her verified Twitter, last Thursday, wished the Queen had an ‘excruciating pain’ when the news of her deteriorating health went public.

She went further to describe the late monarch as the “chief monarch of a thieving raping genocidal empire.”

Returning to Twitter after being locked out, the professor at Carnegie Mellon University revealed that Morgan wanted to interview her, but will never get the chance.

“Piers Morgan calling me ‘vile, disgusting moron’, while his producer calling me for interview. Tufiakwa”, she tweeted.

Reacting to her tweet, Morgan said, “I definitely want to interview you. I’d like you to try repeating to my face that you hoped the Queen died in ‘excruciating pain.’ But I suspect like most vile ‘woke’ trolls, you won’t have the guts.”

Anya fired back at him, “No, Piers, you want to interview me, because your career died in excruciating pain, and you need the ratings. But I won’t let you chase clout off me. Like I said, I no dey put food for my enemy mouth.”

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