Scientists Discover 24 Planets With Conditions More Suitable For Life Than Earth

Scientists from Washington State University have discovered 24 planets outside our solar system that they believe may have conditions even more suitable for life than Earth

The planets include those that are older, slightly larger, slightly warmer and possibly wetter than Earth.

Life could also more easily thrive on planets that circle more slowly changing stars with longer lifespans than our sun, according to the team.

In particular, the researchers identified one planet that meets all the criteria for superhabitable planets, meaning it’s likely life could thrive there.

Professor Schulze-Makuch added: “It’s sometimes difficult to convey this principle of superhabitable planets because we think we have the best planet.

“We have a great number of complex and diverse lifeforms, and many that can survive in extreme environments.

“It is good to have adaptable life, but that doesn’t mean that we have the best of everything.”

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