Toyin Lawani Threatens Legal Action Against Nollywood Director For Using Her Son’s Picture

Popular Nigerian fashion entrepreneur Toyin Lawani has threatened to take legal action against a Nollywood director for using her son’s picture without her consent.

Toyin Lawani angrily descended on the producer responsible for using her son’s in the movie poster and blasted producer for removing her face and replacing it with another actress’s face.

She has charged the producer to pull down the poster or financially settle her and her son else she will sue the producer.

She wrote; “Later they will say tiannah likes trouble , you people won’t respect yourselves 😡Pls is this a fucking joke 😳😳😳😳😳 I’m not finding it funny atall , whoever the utube director or producer of this movie is ,will pay dearly and hear from my Attorney, I hate when people use my childs picture for rubbish , they even cut out my face and placed their cast , Are you fucking mad. Like seriously, don’t exploit my kid for any fucking movie ad or any ads atall

“I will start pressing charges on all you mofos, did I work so hard to build @thereallordmaine s brand for y’all to be ripping him off , you bloody jokers , maybe they didn’t tell you I go all out for my kids , wait for me . I give you 24 hours to take that fucking ad down or pay me and my kid. The other day some took all his collection with his picture and printed a full magazine put his number as the designer and was selling in traffic, I was in shock 👑😡😡😡😡

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