Trace, Hennessy Unveil ‘The Conversation’ With M.I. & Vector

For decades, Trace, the Afro-Urban cultural entertainment force with a 350 million fanbase has tirelessly created global media, digital and entertainment content platforms and the contemporary entertainment giant isn’t about to discontinue this trend.

In partnership this time with Hennessy Nigeria, Trace rides on the Hennessy Artistry series to present a titillating three-part docuseries called ‘The Conversation’, featuring two of Nigeria’s finest hip-hop artistes, M.I. known as Mr Incredible and Vector, known as ‘The Viper’.

Award-winning hip-hop superstar, Jude Lemfani Abaga, better known as M.I Abaga, is seen as many as Africa’s biggest and most decorated rapper with a plethora of hits like ‘You rappers should fix up your lives’, ‘Safe’, ‘Crowd mentality’, ‘Fast money Fast cars’, ‘One naira’, ‘Bullion van’, ‘Action film’, ‘Badbelle’, ‘Brother’ and so many more while Olanrewaju Ogunmefun, better known by his stage name Vector is a sterling Nigerian rapper and songwriter, who has released three studio albums, including “State of Surprise” and “The Second Coming” and two mixtapes in 2016 and 2018, all in the effort to keep the spirit of Nigerian hip-hop alive. In some quarters, Vector too is seen as one of Nigeria’s greatest rappers. Some of Vector’s hit songs are ‘Gee boys’, ‘Adurah’, ‘Angeli’, ‘Wasted’, ‘King Kong’, ‘Judas the rat’, ‘Kanawan Dabo’, Lafiaji, ‘No peace’ and ‘Be happy’.

Exclusive to Trace on TV, the desideratum of this gladiatorial bout is to address the longstanding beef between both hip-hop artistes as to who is the better between them. Both superstars took to social media to announce their participation in this epic melee to their respective audiences and since then, social media has gone wild with breathless anticipation.

Recall that both hip-hop artistes have been embroiled in a decade-old beef, however in 2019, they finally reacted to their beef by releasing diss tracks aimed at each other. In these diss tracks, nothing is sacrosanct. From professional to personal jabs, the duo stopped at nothing to get their points across, each hoping to be the one who has got the last word in.

The styles of both artistes are extremely different. While Mr Incredible prefers the smooth roll and interplay of words, Vector chooses the cutting edge, spitting out each line with a force aimed precisely at his target.

Since the release of the teasers for ‘The Conversation’ docuseries on social media on September 9, 2020, explosive and in-depth commentary from both artistes’ following have been riveting. Who will you be rooting for as the docuseries airs tomorrow, September 18, 2020, at 9 pm WAT on Trace Naija?

‘The Conversation’ docuseries will also be interspersed on Saturday at 2 pm WAT and every other day at 8 pm WAT, still on Trace Naija.

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